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Capt Jeff Hagaman

World class Florida fishing charters, Boca Grande tarpon charters, and Tarpon fishing charters on the flats and backcountry of Tampa Bay, Boca Grande, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Tarpon Springs and Charlotte Harbor. Join Captain Jeff Hagaman for a tarpon fishing charter or a light tackle flats and back country Florida fishing charter for tarpon, snook, redfish, permit, trout, cobia, sharks or goliath grouper. From Tampa Bay to Boca Grande, Captain Jeff is an award winning Florida fishing guide who specializes in light tackle fishing charters in the shallow waters of Florida's Gulf Coast.

Reel Adventures Fishing Charters FloridaWhether it is fishing the fertile flats of Clearwater's St. Joseph Sound with a top water plug, jig fishing the rich grass flats of Tarpon Springs, live bait fishing a giant school of redfish in Tampa Bay, or sight fishing for tarpon along the beaches of St. Petersburg, our area offers a great variety of fishing opportunities and locations. To take advantage of all the fishing possibilities and customer requests, I keep my boats on trailers and take you to the best fishing available at the time of your charter. I use many different techniques and fish both artificial and live bait. Our inshore waters are home to many large, hard fighting game fish. Snook, trout, redfish and tarpon are our primary target species, but we also have excellent fisheries for cobia, permit, goliath grouper, sharks, king mackerel, spanish mackerel, and jack crevalle (see Our Fish and Their Seasons). Try fishing for a West Coast Grand Slam, a snook, trout, and redfish in one day. And when conditions are right you can even catch the ultimate  Super Grand Slam by adding a tarpon.

Boca Grande Tarpon Charters

A tarpon fishing charter at Boca Grande Florida is a truly unique experience and a “Must Do” on a fisherman's wish list. Boca Grande, on Florida's Gulf Coast, is the Tarpon Capital of the World. Each spring and summer, tarpon migrate to the beautiful waters of Boca Grande Pass and Charlotte Harbor in greater numbers than anywhere else in the world. The spectacle of this congregation of magnificent tarpon is one of the natural wonders of the marine world. To observe this event is a thrill in itself but to catch a giant tarpon is the ultimate fishing experience. Capt. Jeff guides for giant tarpon fishing at Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor from April through July. Join Captain Jeff for a tarpon fishing charter aboard one of his custom rigged tarpon boats. (see Tarpon Fishing at Boca Grande). Because of the great demand for tarpon fishing at Boca Grande you must book early.

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Highly Respected, Award Winning Fishing Guide

Captain Jeff is a highly respected and nationally recognized charter fishing guide. He is one of only three Elite Guides for Berkley Fishing tackle in Florida. Because of his knowledge and experience fishing the water of the Gulf Coast he was chosen by Fox Sports TV Network as the the regional expert for his area of the state for their Emmy winning "Chevy Florida Fishing Report". He appears four times a week with fishing reports for his area. His expertise and friendly, open manner have led to many appearance on The Outdoor Channel, North American Outdoors and Sun Sports Network. But the bottom line is that Captain Jeff knows his stuff, is just plain fun to fish with, and will do what it takes to make your fishing charter a very memorable experience. See About Captain Jeff.

GAFF MAGAZINE article “Fishing Partners” by Matt Draper, Gaff Magazine Editor Summer 2004

“Many Saltwater fishermen in Florida fancy themselves great anglers and some, actually are at the top of their game. Only once in a long while does an angler come along that other fishermen envy and even boast about. One such gentleman is Captain Jeff Hagaman.

Consistent Top Tournament Finishes

In the course of his charter business Captain Jeff has guided his clients and tournament team to consistent top tournament finishes. Whether its Tampa Bay, Boca Grande, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or Tarpon Springs, Captain Jeff has a shown that he knows where and how to catch big fish. From giant tarpon to snook, redfish, trout, cobia and Goliath grouper, Captain Jeff has proven his ability with consistent top tournament performance..


1997 Outback Steakhouse All-Release Tournament

1st Place 
1997 Compac Computer All-Release Tournament1st Place 
1999 Compac Computer All-Release Tournament1st Place

1999 Outback Steakhouse All-Release Tournament

1st Place 
1999 Tech Data All-Release Tournament1st Place
1999 CCA Photo All-Release Tournament1st Place Trout Division
1999 Miller’s Marina “Catch the King Tarpon Tournament”1st Place
2000 Qualified for The Rolex/IGFA 
International Tournament of Champions in Kona, Hawaii5th among an International
Field of Top Anglers
2001 Miller’s Marina Ladies Day Tarpon Tide Tournament2nd Place
2003 World Championship Tarpon Series2nd Place-Tournament 1
1st Place-Tournament 3
3rd Place-Tournament 4
3rd Place-Tournament 6
2003 Chuck Lamar’s Grand Slam Celebrity Tournament
 *** Set Grand Slam Tournament Record
1st Place
2004 St. Jude's Children’s Hospital-Continental National Tournament 1st Place

2004 Outback Steakhouse All-Release Tournament

1st Place
2004 Professional Tarpon Tournament Series
         1st Place Overall
         Named Yamaha Team of the Year

         Jim Beam Cup Championship
3rd Place-Tournament 3
1st Place-Tournament 4
1st Place-Tournament 5
2nd Place
2005 St. Jude's Children’s Hospital-Continental National Tournament1st Place
2005 Inaugural Walmart FLW Redfish Tournament1st Place
2006 Professional Tarpon Tournament Series1st Place-Tournament 2
Place-Tournament 4
2007 Tampa Bay Watch Tournament1st Place Shark Division

2007 Professional Tarpon Tournament Series

         Yamaha Team of the Year

3rd Place-Tournament 2
3rd Place-Tournament 4
3rd Place
2008 FLW Redfish Tournament Punta Gorda Fl1st Place-Day 1
7th Place-Day 2
2008 Cabelas' IFA Redfish Tournament Punta Gorda Fl7th Place-Out of 104 Teams
2008 Extreme Redfish Tournament Tampa Bay5th Place
2008 Professional Tarpon Tournament Series3rd Place-Tournament 1
Most Releases-Tournament 2
2008 Yamaha Team of the Year Race

         2008 Yamaha Team of the Year

3rd Place-Week 1
1st Place-Week 2
2nd Place-Week 3
2nd Place-Week 4
3rd Place-Week 5
3rd Place-Overall

The “Good Old Days” of Florida Gulf Coast Fishing are......NOW!!

The conservation and environmental efforts of the citizens of Florida have brought back the "Good Old Days” of sports fishing on the West Coast of Florida. Our water quality and fish populations are better than they have been in decades. The many bays, flats, rivers, marshes and barrier islands of the Gulf Coast of Florida offer you an opportunity to battle large hard fighting tarpon, snook, redfish, permit, trout, cobia, goliath grouper and many other gamefish. Large fish on light tackle on the shallow water flats are the ingredients for exciting sight fishing with drag screaming runs and spectacular jumps. Check out “Our Fish and Their Seasons for more information on Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Permit, Trout, Cobia, Goliath Grouper, and the other game fish you will encounter on a Florida fishing charter.

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